How to stabilize your XS3 Gimbal

Posted on October 25 2019

How to stabilize your XS3 Gimbal

Got a Gimbal or looking to buy one?

A Gimbal is a motorised device used to keep your Action Camera or Smartphone level and stable. The KB Gimbal has a 3 Axis with means whether you tilt, pan, point and turn your Gimbal - it will maintain a smooth, fluid movement. It’s the ultimate tool for content creators who want to capture smooth, professional-looking footage!

We've designed a solution that can work with your Smartphone or Action Camera! Our Gimbal is lightweight and has several shooting options, making it an affordable solution that ensures you can still get the goods, without having to invest in expensive gear.

Kaiser Baas Gimbal

The XS3 Gimbal

The XS3 for those who want a few more options at their fingertips. It's compatible with Action Cams and Smartphones and even has its own App! The App gives you capabilities like Face and Object Tracking, Zoom, Auto Panoramic Shoot, Time Lapse, Slow Motion AND Scene effects! As if that's not cool enough, it has an inbuilt power bank that also charges your phone, so you can get 12 hours of solid shooting time.

Check it out!

The Gimbal has been designed with portability and ease of use in mind. Once you learn how to stabilize your Gimbal, you’re good to go.

If you're a beginner Gimbal user don't fret, we've put together this quick tutorial on how you can best balance your Gimbal so you can be on your way to shooting slick footage in no time.

Nani is one of our KB Ambassadors, in this video, he will take you through how to:
Attach your device to the Gimbal
Adjust the arm so the camera doesn't drop to one side
What to do when your Gimbal is on a lean
Adjust the arm until it's balanced
And more! 

(Note: Clicking the below image will open up a YouTube video) 

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